Green hydrogen electrolysers in Europe: a database?

Green hydrogen electrolysers in Europe

This data-file derives some conclusions into the evolving landscape of green hydrogen electrolysers in Europe, based on a list of c240 distinct projects, looking project-by-project, country-by-country.

The market is shifting away from smaller alkaline electrolyers in the hundreds of kW of capacity to super-giant PEMs, and SOECs, with overall project capacities potentially reaching GW-scale.

Key controversies are visibly emerging around the powering of electrolysers (from the broader grid, rather than just from renewables), for use of the hydrogen and for delivery of ambitious, early-stage projects.

CO2 electrolysis: the economics?

Economics of carbon monoxide production by CO2 electrolysis

Carbon monoxide is an important chemical input for metals, materials and fuels. Could it be produced by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere or using the amine process, then electrolysing the CO2 into CO and oxygen?

This data-file models the economics of CO2 electrolysis, including recent advances from leading industrial gas companies, and by analogy to hydrogen electrolysis.

10% IRRs can be achieved at $800/ton carbon monoxide pricing, which can be competitive with conventional syngas production, and far more economic than small-scale distribution of CO containers.

The data-file contains input assumptions, detailed notes from half-a-dozen recent technical papers, and short summary of different companies’ initiatives, including Haldor Topsoe, Siemens, Covestro, Methanex and Carbon Recycling.

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