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Thunder Said Energy was founded in 2019 by Rob West. The firm’s goal is to help decision-makers find economic opportunities in the energy transition. Specifically, how do we meet the energy needs of the world, while also decarbonizing our energy system, to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2050? This short page is a biography of Rob West, Thunder Said Energy founder and CEO.

Prior to ThunderSaid, Rob built up the energy practice at Redburn, which is among the world’s leading, independent equity-research firms. He was responsible for the team’s energy strategy and commodity market research; while covering the Super-Majors, such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, BP, TOTAL, Eni and Equinor. 

Some of the team’s best work focused on the impact of energy technologies. It allowed us to call the incredible rise of the shale oil industry, and the equally incredible fall in oil industry costs, during the 2014-18 price cycle. 

Prior to Redburn, Rob was part of Sanford C. Bernstein’s oil and gas practice. He has completed 75 modules in the IPIMS Petroleum Geology and Engineering programme. He holds a first class degree in Experimental Psychology from University College, Oxford. He is also a CFA charterholder. And a Research Associate at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Rob lives in Tallinn, Estonia, with his wife, who is the co-founder of Arbonics, a tech start-up seeking to restore nature, and streamline the creation of high-quality nature-based CO2 removals. Outside of work, Rob and Lisett enjoy walking their Australian shepherd, Suvi, through the amazingly beautiful forests and beaches of Estonia.

Thunder Said Energy has published over 1,000 research notes, data files and models into different aspects of the energy transition since it was founded in 2019. For more details about the firm and how we work with our clients, please see our short overview here.

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