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We add value to some of the leading decision-makers in energy and investing; publishing differentiated research, data and models, focused on energy technologies and energy transition, sent out daily to the Thunder Said Energy distribution list.

Our clients include 265 world-class companies: corporations, investors and private equity firms, navigating the energy transition. Please see our pricing sheet for further details on our subscriptions.

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We help leading decision-makers identify economic opportunities that will drive the energy transition, re-shape energy markets and give companies an edge. Please find out how we can save you time and help your process in our highlights-presentation below…

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A short biography of Thunder Said Energy’s founder and CEO, Rob West, is available on our About Us page.

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We send a daily email to the 7,000 individuals on our distribution list, which covers the best ideas from our recent research into the energy transition. Often this includes more time-sensitive commentary, compared to what is posted on the website. The best way to join the distribution list is via filling in the contact form above.

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