Top Five Insights from Two Years?

It is now two years since Thunder Said Energy was founded, as a research consultancy focused on energy technologies and the energy transition. This short video presents our top five reflections on the energy transition and writing research in this space.

(1) Energy transition is a much larger topic than we envisaged when starting the company, stretching across over 100 different areas, and counting. We also outline some of our key conclusions.

(2) Avoid silos. Energy transition is not a sector, but a theme impacting every sector. We argue the best opportunities are the ones being missed, because they fall through the cracks.

(3) Everything is relative. All our models join up, in an integrated roadmap to net zero, using apples-to-apples assumptions, to help identify the best opportunities, and the biggest bottlenecks of under-supply.

(4) Energy transition is different from other research topics we have encountered in the past, because there is more ideological fervor, lobbying and (frankly) mis-information. We present reflections for steering a course amidst the noise.

(5) Running a research firm in the 2020s. The video also presents some candid reflections about being a research analyst, covering a very broad theme such as energy transition, including our plans to (not) grow the business by hiring more research analysts, but to improve and formalize more of our processes.

More information about Thunder Said Energy can be found on our research portal. Thank you for your support over the past two years as we started up the business.

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