Our Philosophy

What is our energy research philosophy? The world needs better energy. To make this happen, economic opportunities must be better understood by leading decision-makers. 

Our mission is to bridge this gap, with differentiated, data-driven analysis into the energy transition, energy technologies and their impacts. 

Our philosophy is that research should be unbundled and transparent, hence all the data-files underpinning our work can be downloaded via our energy transition research portal.

We help our clients find opportunities in better energy technologies, find opportunities in the energy transition and avoid the mounting risks and bubbles.

We practice what we preach and our organization has been CO2-neutral since its inception, including ongoing contributions to nature-based CO2 removal  projects.

Our organization is named in homage to ‘What the Thunder Said‘, which is the final section, and the resolution, of T. S. Eliot’s 1922 masterpiece, the Waste Land.

We humbly hope our energy research philosophy can help the world avoid becoming a Waste Land of energy poverty and climate change.

For a video overview of our research philsophy, we have also distilled our views around what makes great research?

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