Thunder Said Energy: Research Platform Overview?

Thunder Said Energy is a research firm focused on the energy transition. Our work looks for economic opportunities, which can drive the world towards net zero; across new energies, conventional energy, utilities, capital goods, mining, materials, energy services, semi-conductors, ‘new technologies’ and ESG. Our research platform currently contains 230 PDF reports and 600 data-files (chart above).

Navigating the website. We send a daily email to almost 10,000 individuals on our distribution list, flagging key conclusions from each new piece of work, with links to the underlying work. We are always available to field questions from our clients (“have you ever written about X”, “do you have a model of Y”, “have you ever seen any good data into Z”). We can either send you links to our existing research, or focusing future research into whatever areas will help our clients the most. Our research portal can also be navigated directly, via the search bar, via the category sidebar or via the carousels discussed below.

Written Insights. Each week, we publish a 10-20 page research report, focused on a specific theme, technology or question. The goal is to help busy decision-makers, with clear and concise conclusions. Usually each report covers what the theme is, how it works, why it matters, what it costs, where are the risks, and what are the most interesting resultant company implications?  

Reflecting all of our research, our demand models aim to capture the entire energy transition, in an integrated framework, which shows how c40 different themes and verticals would need to ramp up, amidst the world’s lowest cost route to net zero.

Our Economic Models break down the costs of particular technologies, across new energies, conventional energy, and CO2 emitting industries. In each case, we want to understand what is the ‘typical cost’ for a full-cycle, 10% IRR; and what drives that cost, as a function of the 10-20 key input variables. This matters for assessing new energy technologies or decarbonization technologies. Our economic models also include capex breakdowns and industry data.

Our Company Screens give an overview of particular industries that matter for the energy transition: who are the key  companies? (public, private and venture-stage). What is their size, scale, and exposure to each theme? And what should decision-makers know about this landscape?

Our Patent Assessments use a common framework to assess specific technologies. Specifically, we review patent libraries to understand these technologies, to see whether we can de-risk them, and to see whether companies have built up a solid ‘moat’.

Our other industry data-files compile helpful data to help busy decision-makers save time, find reliable data-points, and substantiate ideas with data.

Finally, we also use a 100-point framework to assess nature-based CO2 removal projects. We aim to practice what we preach, and offset our own emissions 20x over, in a given calendar year.

Please do contact us if we can help you explore any further questions about our research platform.

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