Maintenance costs for gas-powered trucks?

Maintenance costs for gas-powered trucks

This data-file tabulates the maintenance costs incurred by a fleet of 42x CNG-powered trucks, over 16M miles in the United States. Maintenance costs averaged 8c/mile, of which 1.6c/mile (i.e., 20%)…

Alternative truck fuels: how economic?

economics of trucking fuels

This data-file compares different trucking fuels — diesel, CNG, LNG, LPG and Hydrogen — across 35 variables. Most important are the economics, which are fully modelled, in the 2020s in…

Costs of an LNG fuelling station

costs of constructing an LNG-fuelling station

…to road-consumers will add $10/mcf to the costs of gas-fuel. Around 30% of the capex costs are specifically linked to LNG, and could be slim-lined for a CNG-only fuelling station….

Vehicles: energy transition conclusions?

Vehicles energy transition research

…purely battery powered plane is currently around 90km (data here). (5a) For trucks, an excellent data-file comparing diesel, LNG, CNG, LPG and H2 fuelling is here. There may be some…

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