Gas-to-liquids: the economics?

the economics of gas-to-liquids

This data-file captures the economics of gas-to-liquids, including the formation of syngas in an auto-thermal reformer, then the subsequent upgrading into liquids via the Fischer-Tropsch reaction. Our base case is…

Biogas-to-liquids: decarbonize aviation fuels?

Biogas to liquids to decarbonize aviation

This 15-page report evaluates a pathway for sustainable aviation fuels, feeding biogas into a Fischer-Tropsch reactor. Three projects are in progress. But bio-GTL will likely cost 3x more than conventional…

BrightLoop: clean hydrogen breakthrough?

…components that are locked up with patents. Future variants of BrightLoop are also suggested by the patents, which could produce both CO and H2, for clean methanol or Fischer-Tropsch fuels….

Power-to-liquids: the economics?

Power to liquids economic model

…longer chain hydrocarbons, e.g., using Fischer Tropsch or other methods. Our base case estimates are for costs between $400-600/bbl ($10-14/gallon). The thermodynamics are somewhat crazy. Input assumptions are based on…

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