Alternative truck fuels: how economic?

economics of trucking fuels

This data-file compares different trucking fuels — diesel, CNG, LNG, LPG and Hydrogen — across 35 variables. Most important are the economics, which are fully modelled, in the 2020s in…

Mine trucks: transport economics?

Mine Truck Economics

There are around 50,000 giant mining trucks in operation globally. The largest examples are around 16m long, 10m wide, 8m high, can carry around 350-450 tons and reach top speeds…

Electric trucks: what battery sizes?

Battery sizes for electric semi-trucks

…a diesel truck. However, large batteries above c8-tons in size detracts around 10% from the fuel economy of electric trucks, and may cause trucks to exceed regulatory weight limits, lowering…

Maintenance costs for gas-powered trucks?

Maintenance costs for gas-powered trucks

This data-file tabulates the maintenance costs incurred by a fleet of 42x CNG-powered trucks, over 16M miles in the United States. Maintenance costs averaged 8c/mile, of which 1.6c/mile (i.e., 20%)…

Vehicles: energy transition conclusions?

Vehicles energy transition research

…niche deployments of electric trucks and hydrogen trucks. But we think the majority of long distance, inter-continental trucking will remain powered by liquid fuels, i.e., oil products. Although they may…

Hydrogen: overview and conclusions?

Hydrogen best opportunities?

…lost in transportation: our overview into hydrogen transport is here, covering cryogenic trucks, hydrogen pipelines, pipeline blending, ammonia and toluene. Is a hydrogen truck really comparable with a diesel truck?…

Energy storage: top conclusions into batteries?

Conclusions into batteries

…have 70-80% lower range than a diesel truck. And a battery-powered airliner has a range of c60-miles. We do not currently see battery powered trucks, ships or planes going mainstream….

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