Companies buying nature-based carbon offsets?

This data-file aims to tabulate how 35 leading companies globally are purchasing nature-based carbon offsets, in order to offset their CO2 emissions.

The data-file includes the rationale for the purchases, the projects supported, how they are verified, their scale and their cost.

We find appetite for carbon offsets accelerating. 60% of the projects are reforestation projects, 2.5x more prevalent than forest conservation. 70% are undertaken indirectly through partners, versus 30% undertaken directly. 95% of indirect projects have sought third-party verification, while 60% of direct projects have self-verified.

Companies in hard-to-abate sectors, such as transport and materials were more likely to prefer carbon-offsets, while those in easy-to-abate sectors, such as tech, finance and media have been more likely to purchase nature-based carbon credits as a ‘last resort’ after exhausting other options.

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