Domestic travel miles: by purpose, vehicles and demographics

Global oil demand is going through an unprecedented disruption. In the short-term, this is due to COVID-19. In the long-term, it is due to the rise of the internet and the energy transition. To contextualise how demand will change, we have aggregated granular data on travel-miles in the US and the UK.

This data-file breaks down all miles travelled by individuals in the US and UK, according to 20 different categorizations on 20 distinct tabs: by purpose, by vehicle type, by journey distance, by age, by income category, and by urban location; plus we assess remote working’s impact on commuter-miles, and internet retail’s impact on shopping-miles.

The data are derived from the US National Household Travel Survey, which was last conducted in 2017, collecting a day’s data across 1M journeys from 250,000 individuals in the United States; and the UK Department of Transportation’s National Travel Surveys, which interviews and tabulates travel-diaries from 14,000 – 20,000 individuals each year since 2002.

For TSE clients, we will be happy to run further, bespoke data and charting requests. Please contact us if this would be useful.

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