Gas turbines and CHP: technology leaders?

The aim of this data-file is to profile thirty leading companies in gas turbines and smaller-scale CHPs, based on their disclosures and patent filings. In each case, we describe the company, its size, its patent filings, its typical turbine size and efficiency.

Covered gas turbine companies include mega-caps such as GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Ansaldo down to small-caps and private companies with exciting novel technologies.

But the capital goods giants noted above dominate the market and account for the majority of world-scale turbines, as well as variations of these open-cycle turbines that are used in jet engines.

Case studies from one such company, commercializing small, combined heat and power turbines, are presented in a backup tab, showing operational disclosures on cost savings, energy savings, CO2 reductions, payback periods and motivations for adopting the system.

A recent trend has been exploring smaller-scale turbines with integrated CHPs. Although please email us if you would like to discuss some of these gas turbine companies, as we have some perspectives on costs and waste heat recovery from following this space.

Other recent research and data-files captures the outlook for gas turbines in the energy transition, an overview of thermodynamic cycles, a build up of the efficiencies of gas turbines, operating parameters of gas turbines and typical economics of CCGTs.

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