Industrial energy and electricity consumption by sector?

The purpose of this data-file is to aggregate and clean data into the energy and electricity consumption of 180,000 US industrial facilities, according to key sectors such as refineries, chemicals, steel, other metals, fertilizers, auto plants and other manufacturing categories.

The average factory consumes 9GWH of energy per year, of which 5GWH is thermal heat and 4GWH is as electricity. Of the electricity c50% is for rotating machinery, c10% for electric heat, c10% for process cooling, c7% for electrochemical processes, c10% for facility HVAC and c6% for facility lighting.

The average of these facilities requires a 700kW power connection, we estimate, but this is as high as 10MW at typical auto plants and 25MW at typical steel mills, with further order-of-magnitude upside at the largest facilities in each category.

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