Leading Companies in Redox Flow Batteries

We have compiled a database of 25 leading companies in Redox Flow Batteries, starting by looking across 1,237 patents filed about the technology since 2017 (all patents are summarized in the second tab of the data-file).

For each company, we summarize its technology, its recent projects news, its size, its location and whether it is public/private. Covered companies range from public Asian conglomerates to public/private redox flow pure-plays.

Good progress is visible from Redox Flow batteries, rapidly progressing toward technical maturity, constructing demonstration facilities and offering ultra long-life battery storage, which could greatly surpass lithium ion economics in grid applications.

A key challenge is the round-trip efficiency of redox flow batteries. For example, in other work, we have reviewed the patents from companies such as ESS, which most likely have a full-cycle round-trip efficiency of around 70-75%, on an AC-AC basis.

Capex costs may also be higher for some redox flow batteries, compared to deflating costs of lithium ion batteries. Another of our data-files tabulates the costs and operating parameters of different battery systems. All of our workd to-date into different battery systems is covered under our battery research tag.

Our three key points on the leading companies in Redox Flow Batteries are highlighted in the article sent out to our distribution list.

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