Marcellus shale: well by well production database?

Marcellus well productivity data. This large data-file tracks productivity, well-by-well, across c11,000 wells in the Pennsylvania Marcellus, month-by-month, from 2015-2021.

For each operator, we have tabulated production, well stock, activity levels, average well production, IP rates.

Activity levels have slowed by one-third over time, with a peak of 850 wells drilled in 2018, slowing to 570 wells in 2021.

What has enabled activity to slow down is the improvement in well productivity. Average IP rates across the basin have risen at a 16% pa CAGR, from around 5mmcfd in 2015 to 15mmcfd in the second half of 2021.

First tier operators are clearly visible in the data-file. They have come to dominate as the basin has consolidated, while they also achieve higher IP rates and have been able to do more with less.

Our top five conclusions from the Marcellus well productivity data are highlighted in the article here. For a compendium of all of our shale research, please see here.

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