Oil Sands CO2 Intensity

This data-file quantifies the CO2 intensity of oil sands production: disaggregating averge emission factors for both mining operations and SAGD. Emissions are estimated for running trucks, bitumen extraction, steam-flooding, upgrading, methane leaks, flaring, et al; based on real-world data.

A CO2 curve can also be derived from the data, ranking c2.5Mbpd of production across Alberta, in order to compare different facilities and different operators. Steam-oil-ratios explain c60% of the variance in SAGD assets’ emissions.

The CO2 intensity of oil sands, on a Scope 1&2 basis, is usually going to be at least 100kg/bbl higher than the CO2 intensity of oil across the broader industry. Typical numbers might be around 185 kg/bbl and 60kg/bbl, respectively.

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