Qatar’s North Field: production and productivity?

This data-file aggregates production from Qatar’s North Field (aka Iran’s South Pars), plus associated data, based on technical papers and other commentaries that have crossed our screen, covering this enormous 1,260 TCF resource, which straddles the Qatar-Iran border.

We think total production at the North Field has more than doubled to 43bcfd in the past decade, including a 3x ramp-up from the Iranian side to 25bcfd, which is now more than total production from the Qatari side.

Intensifying, competition seems to coincide with Qatari plans to ramp up their own production from the field, but also with lower well productivities.

Backup data are also presented on the relative military strengths of GCC nations and Iran, as tail risks are increasingly important to decision-makers in global LNG markets.

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