Quantumscape: battery breakthrough?

This data-file reviews 25 of QuantumScape’s 2019-20 patents, in order to substantiate its claims of a solid-state battery than can achieve c50-100% higher energy density than conventional lithium ion batteries, 3x faster charging, while also surviving hundreds of charge-discharge cycles without degradation.

The single largest patent challenge that QuantumScape was aiming to overcome was manufacturing methods, discussed in 75% of the patents. This augurs well for transitioning into production mode.

Preventing dendrites and ensuring cell longevity were related, joint-second focus areas. Quantumscape is light years ahead of competitors, but the longevity is not fully de-risked by these patents.

Quantumscape’s proprietary cell designs are also assessed in the data-file,ranging from electrolytes and catholytes to more cutting-edge moonshots.

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