Turbo-charge gas turbines: the economics?

This data-file models the economics of turbo-charging gas turbines, which increases the mass flow of combustion air, in order to improve their power ratings c10-20%. This is especially important to counteract warm temperatures, which notoriously degrades power output (below, right).

Our model is derived from technical disclosures from PowerPhase, a leading private company that is commercializing the TurboPhase technology. We estimate base case IRRs of c13% in Europe and c20% in the US. Sensitivities can be flexed in Cells H7:17 of the model (below, left).

Turbo-charged gas turbines could be among the non-obvious technologies to gain greater share as grids become more saturated with renewables, in addition to CHPs, PCMs and fuel cells, per our prior research. All of these are much more economical than grid-scale batteries.

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