Hillcrest: ZVS inverter breakthrough?

Hillcrest Technology Review

…below). This AC power signal can be used to feed power into the grid, or to drive the electric motors in an electric vehicle. The switches are MOSFETs or IGBTs….

Energy storage: top conclusions into batteries?

Conclusions into batteries

…lithium ion batteries are 75-95% efficient. The technology is only getting better, including via power electronics and electric motors. So this is a game changer for light transportation, which becomes…

LNG liquefaction technologies: an overview?

LNG liquefaction technologies

…Snohvit LNG started up in 2007, with the first e-drive system in the world, and what were at the time, the world’s largest high-voltage and high-speed synchronous motors, with 180MW…

Capacitor banks: the economics?

Capacitor banks economics

…I2R losses by keeping voltage in phase with current, even when power is supplied to components such as motors, electric arc furnaces, LED lights, computing infrastructure. In our base case…

Variable frequency drives: leading companies?

Leading companies in variable frequency drives

This data-file outlines the top twenty companies producing variable frequency drives to precisely control electric motors. In each case, we have quantified the companies’ size, market share, percentage exposure to…

Variable frequency drives: the economics?

Economics of variable frequency drives

This data-file aims to capture the economics of variable frequency drives, which precisely adjust the operating speeds of electric motors. We reviewed 10 case studies and found an average energy…

Power grids: tenet?

Overview of power grids

…are described on pages 12-14, covering the growing trend towards smaller and more fragmented power distribution. Power consuming technologies are described on pages 15-17, explaining how induction motors, resistive heaters,…

Energy economics: an overview?

…the data-file, across our models of Air Separation, Cables, Comminution, Compressors, Electric Motors, Electrowinning, Fans, Flotation, Gas Dehydration, Harmonic Filters, Heat Exchangers, Inverters, Motor Drivers, Pumps, Rankine Engines, Tanks and…

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