At the cutting edge of EOR?

Leading Oil Majors in EOR

…are doing at the cutting edge of EOR. We find clear leaders for water-flooding both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. At mature fields, we think these operators may be able to…

CO2-EOR in Shale: the economics

CO2-EOR in shale

We have modelled the economics of CO2-EOR in shale, after interest in this topic spiked 2.3x YoY in the 2019 technical literature. Our deep-dive research into the topic is linked…

Shale EOR: the economics

the economics of a shale-EOR

This model assesses the economics of a shale-EOR huff’n’puff project. NPVs and IRRs can be stress-tested as a function of oil prices, gas prices, production-profiles, EUR uplifts and capex costs….

Shale EOR: Container Class

Shale-EOR summary

Is Shale-EOR the next wave of unconventional upside? The topic jumped into the ‘Top 10’ most researched shale themes last year. Stranded in-basin gas will improve the economics. Production per…

CO2-EOR: well disposed?

CO2-EOR economics to decarbonize oil

CO2-EOR is the most attractive option for large-scale CO2 disposal. Unlike CCS, which costs over $70/ton, additional oil revenues can cover the costs of sequestration. And the resultant oil is…

CO2-EOR: the economics?

Economic costs of CO2 enhanced oil recovery EOR

This data-file captures the economics of CO2-enhanced oil recovery, which can lower the total CO2 intensity across the oil industry by 50-100%. $699.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart We calculate 10%…

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