CO2 Separation Technologies: an Overview

This data-file summarises the five leading CO2-separation technologies. For each one, we outline the process, technical maturity, costs, CO2-selectivity, energy-intensity and drawbacks.

To incentivise more CCS, a >$50/ton carbon price would be needed.

But more immediately, these technologies are crucial for LNG. Liquefaction requires <50ppm of CO2 in the feed-gas. For example, we estimate CO2-separation costs $0.5/mcf at some of the recent Australian LNG plants, such as Prelude (9% CO2), Ichthys (12.5%) and Gorgon (14%).

Some Majors today are looking to liquefy gas streams with 30-50% CO2. At $1-3/mcf costs of CO2 separation, we doubt this would be economic.