Direct air capture of CO2: the economics?

Direct Air Capture of CO2 will cost around c$200/ton of CO2 abated, all in, and apples-to-apples with other technologies assessed by TSE.  This data-file models out the economics of the process in detail (chart above).

Our model is based upon excellent technical disclosures from Carbon Engineering, which we have aggregated. Our data-file includes a full breakdown of the capital costs and the energy associated with each component of the DAC plant, plus an explanation of the process.

Stress-testing shows total CO2 removal costs will range between $150-300/ton of CO2,  flexing 18 input assumptions, such as WACCs, tax-support, cost-deflation, utilization, power prices, gas prices and water prices. (gas- and water-intensity of the process should be noted). Our key conclusions are written up on the first page of the data-file.