Electric vehicles: chargers of the light brigade?

economics of EV charging stations

This 14-page note compares the economics of EV charging stations with conventional fuel retail stations. They are fundamentally different. Our main question is whether EV chargers will ultimately get over-built,…

Vehicles: energy transition conclusions?

Vehicles energy transition research

…EV Charging. Each 1,000 EVs will ultimately require 40 Level 2 (30-40kW) and 3.5 Level 3 (100+ kW) chargers (NREL estimates). But we wonder if EV charging infrastructures will ultimately…

Electric vehicle charging: the economics?

Costs of electric vehicle charging stations

…can lead to incremental retail purchases and for larger, faster chargers. Economics are least favorable around multi-family apartments, charging at work and for slower charging speeds. An economic increment can…

Electric vehicle charging: what challenges?

EV Charging Challenges

…EV charging will require complex algorithms to ensure grid stability, creating an opportunity for big data companies; vehicle-manufacturers are concerned about balancing the convenience of EV charging with the investment…

ChargePoint: electric vehicle charging edge?

Chargepoint electric vehicle charging

…that are heavily focused on operational aspects of running EV charging networks, especially the customer and EVSE provider experience. Many also cover the look-and-feel of charging stations and their components….

EV fast charging: opening the electric floodgates?

power electronics for electric vehicle charging

This 14-page note explains the crucial power-electronics in an electric vehicle fast-charging station, running at 150-350kW, to charge up an entire EV in 10-30 minutes. Most important are power-MOSFETs, comprising…

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