Commodity prices: metals, materials and chemicals?

Silica prices surpassed $70/ton, silicon metal prices reached $4,000/ton and polysilicon prices surpassed $30/kg (charts below). Silica price, silicon price and polysilicon price in $ per ton The full database…

Global polysilicon production capacity?

Global polysilicon production

…input material, silicon metal, is around 8.5MTpa (per the USGS), and production of the key raw material, silica, is around 350 MTpa (per our silica screen). This data-file aggregates polysilicon…

Silicon carbide: production costs?

Silicon carbide production costs

…is used in the steel/metals industry, aerospace, brake pads of high-end automobiles and bullet proof vests. Silicon carbide material is made by super-heating high-grade silica (SiO2) with petcoke (C) in…

Energy intensity of fiber optic cables?

Energy intensity of fiber optic cables

…modules. Air Products notes that it supplies industrial gases, such as argon, helium and hydrogen used in production. High-quality silica glass and specialty plastics are also used in the cabling….

Solvay: lithium ion battery binders and additives?

Solvay battery

…Chemicals business produces soda-ash, peroxides, silica, et al; and its Solutions business produces specialty chemicals, aromas, coatings, Rare Earths, mining solutions and battery recycling. For the energy transition, Solvay is…

Market concentration by industry in the energy transition?

Market concentration by industry

…US E&P, US refining, Western coal, LNG shipping. Mining sectors covered include aluminium, copper, cobalt, lithium, nickel, uranium, silica and silver. Correlation between market concentration and operating margins in energy…

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