Battery Patents: Lithium Deflation, New Breakthroughs?

This data-file tabulates the number of patents filed into different types of batteries, by year and by geography.

Continued deflation in lithium ion battery costs is suggested by the 26,000 patents filed in 2019, which has doubled in the past 5-years, led by China (two-thirds of the patents).

Redox flow batteries are emerging as the most exciting new technology, with patent activity doubling since 2014, to 894 in 2019, also led by China, followed by the US. Hence we include notes on ESS Inc.

Interest has been waning in solid state batteries (-57% since 2014) and liquid metal batteries (-67%).

A description of each battery type is shown in the ‘battery types’ tab. Download the data-file for a break-out of the data by country.