Biotech companies to enhance agricultural yields or CO2 uptake?

Why compile a screen of biotech and agritech companies? Our research targets 1.2bn hectares of reforestation, as part of a low-cost pathway to net zero (note here). The demands are lessened if agriculture and forestry can be re-designed to sequester more CO2 per acre, or if yields can be improved to free up more land (note here).

Hence this screen tracks companies that achieve these objectives. Profiled are early-stage research firms, aiming to bio-engineer novel plants; large-cap seed companies which have helped improve yields at 1% per annum in a c$40bn market; indoor farms that achieve 350-400x higher yields per acre; and other niche growth-stage companies.

Details are provided on each company, including a description, their geography, growth stage, technical readiness and potential enhancement in yields and carbon uptake,

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