Forests to Offset CO2: Uptake Rates by Tree Type

Nature-based solutions can among be the most effective ways to offset global CO2, with forests offsetting CO2 for $17-50/ton, decarboning liquid fuels for <$0.5/gallon and natural gas for $1/mcf. These numbers are based off of half-a-dozen studies, suggesting c5T of CO2 uptake per acre of forest per year.

This data-file shows CO2 uptake rates could be materially higher. CO2 absorption 8T/acre/year for three promising tree types, as much as 15-30+ T/acre/year using faster-growing grasses, and >50T/acre/year via algae. This would improve the economics of forests even further.

This data-file tabulates c75 data-points from technical papers and industry reports on different tree and grass types, their growing conditions and their rates of CO2 absorption. Included are oaks, pines, poplars, eucalyptus, mangroves, bamboos, sugarcane and elephant grasses. Water requirements are also tabulated in a subsequent tab.