Land prices: an overview for renewables and reforestation?

The purpose of this data-file is to estimate the cost of land, which matters for renewables and reforestation projects, but also amidst rising inflation.

Our main conclusion from trying to compile the data-set is that there is no such thing as a “land price” as there is for commodities. Even with individual countries, there are 100x variations. European arable land prices, for example, range from $700 to $700,000 per acre. Prices in the emerging world are even more opaque, ranging from $13/acre in parts of Africa through to $7,000 acre for oil palm plantations in Malaysia, through to tens of thousands of dollars on the outer belts of sprawling new cities.

Nevertheless, the data-file supports a vast availability of low-cost land for reforestation. Ballpark estimates are aggregated in the first tab, alongside our notes. Granular US and European data are summarized in subsequent tabs. For the emerging world, individual land offerings are assessed in the final tab.

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