Leading Companies Commercialising Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps can halve the CO2 intensity of residential heating while also lowering costs by c10-35% in some cases (model here).

Hence this data-file aims to quantify the leading companies commercialising heat pumps, tracking 70,000 patents since 2000, focusing in upon 4,000 Western-centric patents from 2017-19. The space is competitive, with 20 leaders vying for market share.

Our screen focuses in upon the technology leaders with the most concentrated exposure to the theme. We have profiled 7 leading public companies and 4 private companies, including two venture stage firms developing particularly exciting concepts.

Note this screen is mostly focused on air/air heat pumps, aka ‘air conditioners’. For a more detailed review of air/water and ground-source heat pump providers, see this data-file.