Super-Computers at Oil Majors?

This data-file tabulates super-computing capacity possessed by leading companies in the energy industry, based on public disclosures and internet sources: both directly owned by the companies, or available through partnerships with research institutions.

Computing capacity has increased by 70x since 2009, rising at a c50% CAGR. The pace of growth is quickening, with a 4x increase since 2016, which is a c60% CAGR.

Main usesfor the super-computers are in seismic processing, reservoir modelling and well-placement; but also for operational process efficiency and downstream catalyst development.

Leading companies are identified in the data-file, although this metric should not be over-emphasized. The largest reservoir simulation to-date was not conducted using an “owned” super-computer, but rather in partnership with an academic institution. The largest supercomputer in the world is also larger than the entire oil industry’s super-computing power combined.

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