Tricoya: engineered wood breakthrough?

This data-file serves as a Tricoya technology review, based on evaluating the company’s patents, using our usual framework.

Tricoya is an engineered wood product like MDF, but it has been “acetylated”, in order to confer >50-year longevity, even when exposed to the elements. This could make it one of the most ‘sustainable’ construction materials and wood uses, on a full life cycle CO2 basis, per our recent research here.

Accsys Technologies is the parent company commercializing acetylated wood products such as Accoya and Tricoya. It was founded in 2005, is headquartered in the UK, and is listed on AIM and Euronext Amsterdam. The company generated €100M revenues in FY 2021 and 50,000 tons of CO2 were sequestered in the products that it sold.

This data-file is a Tricoya technology review, covering its technology and patent library, on our usual patent assessment framework. It is one of the “highest scoring” patent libraries that we have reviewed to date.

Key details on the production process, technology “moat” and challenges are outlined in the technology review.

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