US industrial furnaces: breakdown by size, by industry, by fuel?

The purpose of this data-file is to aggregate all available EPA disclosures into the use of CO2-emitting fuels within the manufacturing sector.

We estimate there are 1,500 industrial furnaces in the US manufacturing sector, with a mean average capacity of 60MWth, c90% powered by natural gas, and thus explaining over 3.5-4 bcfd of total US gas demand (4-5% of total).

This is an unbelievably complex and granular landscape, but we have captured as much facility-by-facility data as possible, in the back-up tabs: company-by-company, facility-by-facility, fuel-by-fuel.

We also compare the manufacturing sector with broader industrial materials, where 3,000 furnaces, averaging 130MWth capacity likely explain over 12bcfd of industrial gas demand.

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