Production Losses at a Giant Offshore Oilfield

This data-file breaks down the production losses at a giant offshore oilfield, across five categories and ten sub-categories. They are addressable with digital oilfield technologies, as shown by our notes….

Ventures for an Energy Transition?

…incubating Upstream technologies (c40% of the investments), as might be expected. But leading Majors are also building rapid capabilities in new energies (38%) and digital (36%), as the energy system…

Can super-computers lower decline rates?

…29pp of uplift comes from optimising the development plan for the new platform. Emerging digital technologies appear to be keeping LT oil-markets better supplied than many expect, with production upside…

Why the Thunder Said?

Energy transition is underway. Or more specifically, five energy transitions are underway at the same time. They include the rise of renewables, shale oil, digital technologies, environmental improvements and new…

Patent Leaders in Energy

…10 technology-leaders”: in upstream, offshore, deep-water, shale, LNG, gas-marketing, downstream, chemicals, digital and renewables. In each case, we profile the leading company, its edge and the proximity of the competition….