Do “digital” completions lift Permian IRRs?

economic uplift of digital instrumentation on a Permian well

We have modelled the economic uplift of extra digital instrumentation on a typical Permian well. If the data can uplift production by 2.5%, then c$0.4M of instrumentation costs would “pay…

Deploying the Digital Twin

technical papers into "digital twins"

This data-file tabulates 36 recent technical papers into “digital twins”, in order to understand how the technology is being deployed around the upstream oil and gas industry. The data show…

Well-by-well optimisation?

well Production optimisation

…state (chart above). This data-file includes our summary of BP’s patent, schematics for its implementation, data behind our chart above and a ranking of BP’s  “digital technology” versus other Majors…

Inflow Control: Our Top 20 Papers from 2019

digital technology to optimise horizontal wells

This data-file summarises twenty recent papers using inflow control devices: an exciting digital technology to optimise horizontal wells by limiting production from zones that are susceptible to flowing water or…

Patent Leaders in Energy

patent leaders in energy

…10 technology-leaders”: in upstream, offshore, deep-water, shale, LNG, gas-marketing, downstream, chemicals, digital and renewables. In each case, we profile the leading company, its edge and the proximity of the competition….

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