Gas turbines and CHP: technology leaders?

Leading companies commercializing gas turbines for power or CHP

The aim of this data-file is to profile thirty leading companies in gas turbines and smaller-scale CHPs, based on their disclosures and patent filings. In each case, we describe the…

Combined heat and power: the economics?

IRR economics of combined heat and power $

…the grid, due to high efficiency capturing and using exhaust heat in CHPs. Economic sensitivities can be stress-tested, including to power prices, gas prices, thermal efficiencies and system sizes (examples…

Absorption chillers: the economics?

the economics of absorption fillers

This data-file approximates the costs of absorption chillers, which perform the thermodynamic alchemy of converting waste heat (e.g., from a CHP turbine) into coldness. Today the market is small, around…

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