HVDC transmission: leading companies?

Leading companies in HVDC

Leading companies in HVDC. The global HVDC market is around $10bn per annum in 2021, growing at 7-11% per annum, with the goal of inter-connecting large renewables projects and stabilizing…

HVDC power transmission: the economics?

HVDC costs

HVDC costs? This model captures the economics of transporting electricity (especially from renewable sources, such as wind and solar), over vast distances, using high voltage direct current power cables (HVDCs)….

Power grids: opportunities in the energy transition?

power grid opportunities in the energy transition

…power transmission works is here. Operating data for high voltage transmission cables are here. Leading US transmission and distribution utilities are screened here. Leading companies in HVDCs are here. Offshore…

Offshore vessels: fuel consumption?

…vessels are also used in offshore wind and more broadly amidst the expansion of power grids and HVDC interconnectors. We think a typical cable lay vesel will consume 150bpd of…

Offshore wind: levelized costs?

levelized cost of offshore wind

…wind turbine manufacturing data-file and HVDC cable database. This also tallies with recent offshore wind projects that we have tracked. If anything, actual costs come in higher, due to unforeseen…

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