Bright green hydrogen from biomass gasification?

…economies of hydrogen from biomass gasification require $11/kg-e revenues for a 10% IRR on capex of $3,000/Tpa of biomass, or lower, with CO2 disposal incentives. $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart…

Biomass to biofuel, or biomass for burial?

costs of burying biomass

Greater decarbonization at a lower cost is achievable by burying biomass (such as corn or sugarcane) rather than converting it into bio-ethanol. This model captures the economics. Detailed costs are…

Biomass and BECCS: what future in the transition?

Biomass and BECCS

20% of Europe’s renewable electricity currently comes from biomass, mainly wood pellets, burned in facilities such as Drax’s 2.6GW Yorkshire plant. But what are the economics and prospects for biomass

Biomass to biochar: the economics?

economics of producing biochar

This data-file captures the economics of producing biochar from waste biomass that would otherwise be likely to decompose. Other products are bio-oil and bio-gas, with the mix depending on reactor…

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