Leading Companies Commercialising Heat Pumps?

leading heat pump companies

Heat pumps can halve the CO2 intensity of residential heating while also lowering costs by c10-35% in some cases. This all creates an exciting opportunity for heat pumps in the…

Financial and CO2 Costs of Heaters, Boilers and Heat Pumps

CO2 Costs of Heating and Heat Pumps

This data-file models the costs and CO2 intensities of four different heating solutions: oil-fired furnaces, gas boilers, electric heaters and electrically-powered heat pumps. $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Gas-fired boilers…

Heat pumps: hot and cold?

heat pumps in the energy transition

Some policymakers now aspire to ban gas boilers and ramp heat pumps 10x by 2050. In theory, the heat pump technology is superior. But in practice, there are ten challenges….

Ground source heat pumps: the economics?

The breakdown of heat pumps economics. The largest costs are in piping and duct work.

This data-file models heat pump economics, costs, energy savings and potential CO2 savings of a ground source heat pump (GHP), compared to traditional home heating and cooling options. A GHP…

Heat pumps: a screen of providers and reviews?

Heat pumps screen of companies

This data-file tabulates our subjective opinions on c20 different heat pump companies, and our own preferences to use their heat pump on a future European residential heating project. Factors we…

Pump costs: energy economics of electric pumps?

As pump power increases, pump costs per kWh decrease. The most significant reduction is in pump maintenance costs, while the total cost of electricity remains constant.

…economics of electric pumps, which are used to move liquids in industrial applications, for commercial/domestic use such as within heat pumps, for demand shifting, for supercritical CO2, in geothermal applications,…

Decarbonize Heat?

decarbonize heat

…prices. Heat pumps can be cost-competitive, if powered from the grid, and our screen of leading heat pump companies is presented on page 6. Running heat pumps purely off of…

Waste heat recovery: heat exchanger costs?

economics of waste heat recovery

Industrial heat comprises around 20% of global CO2 emissions, but around half of all the heat generated may ultimately be wasted. Hence, this model simplifies the economics of waste heat recovery,…

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