Landfill costs: by country and over time?

Landfill costs by country and over time

…a landfill tax in 1995. Since then, the UK has imposed one of the largest landfill taxes of any country in Europe. As a result it has lowered waste landfilling…

Landfill gas: the economics?

Costs of landfill gas production

The purpose of this data-file is to model the typical costs of producing raw landfill gas (a mixture of CH4, CO2 and other impurities) at a solid waste landfilling facility….

Landfill gas: rags to riches?

Landfill gas opportunities

…low cost uses of landfill gas in heat and power can also make good sense. But vast subsidies for landfill gas upgrading, RNG vehicles and biogas-to-jet may not be cost-effective….

Biogas: the economics?

…prices. High gas prices and landfill taxes can make biogas economical in select geographies. Although diseconomies of scale reward smaller projects? $499.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Biogas is a mixture…

Power plants: average capacity?

average capacity of power plants

This data-file aggregates granular data into the average size of different types of power plants: wind, solar, nuclear, gas, hydro, coal, biomass, landfill gas and geothermal, by looking across 23,000…

Newlight AirCarbon: bioplastics breakthrough?

…patents, we think methane is most likely to be sourced from landfill gas. And the process screens as carbon negative relative to a baseline alternative where the landfill gas or…

Energy transition from first principles?

…batteries, flow batteries, thermal batteries, SSBs, heat pumps, fusion, geothermal, CCS, DAC, blue hydrogen, green hydrogen, electrofuels, biofuels, landfill gas, biomass, biochar, nature. Energy efficiency technologies from first principles: EROEI, electric…

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