Energy development times: first consideration to full production?

This data-file assesses the development times of different energy resources, from their first consideration, through permitting, up to final investment decision (FID), across construction, and ultimately as they reach nameplate capacity.

Full cycle development times tend to average c4-years for large solar projects, 6-years for large offshore wind, 7-years for new pipelines, 7-years for new oil and gas projects, 9-years for new LNG plants and 13-years for new nuclear plants. There is a spread within each category.

As a rough split, these timings break down as 40% planning, 50% construction and 10% ramp-up/commissioning. The best projects in each category are often around 50% faster than the average.

Full details are given for each of the 35 projects in the data-file, in order to stress-test our ability to cure energy shortages by ramping new projects.

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