Gas Pipelines: how much energy, CO2 and methane leaks?

This file aggregates granular data for 40 major US gas pipelines which transport 45TCF of gas per annum across 185,000 miles; and for 3,200 compressors at 640 related compressor stations.

The average CO2 intensity of long-distance gas pipelines is calculated based on the data, in kg of CO2e per mcf per 1,000 miles of gas transit. 80% of the emissions are from compressor power requirements. 20% is from methane leaks, which are also quantified, per mcf per 1,000 miles of gas transit.

Different pipelines and pipeline operators are ranked, to identify companies with low CO2 intensity despite high throughputs.

Covered companies include Berkshire Hathaway, Dominion, Enbridge, Energy Transfer, Kinder Morgan, Loews, TransCanada, Williams plus smaller companies.