Power-MOSFETs: leading companies?

Power MOSFETs are an energy transition technology, the building block behind inverters, DC-DC converters, EV drive trains, EV chargers and other renewables-battery interfaces. Hence this data-file is a screen of companies making power MOSFETs, especially new and higher-efficiency devices using Silicon Carbide as the semiconductor.

This data-file screens companies making power-MOSFETs, especially silicon carbide MOSFETs and underlying materials. For more details of these fast-acting semiconductor switches, and why they matter in the energy transition, please see our overview of MOSFETs.

For each case, we have charted the company’s revenues, employee count, market share in MOSFETs, market share in SiC devices, market share in SiC materials, total estimated revenues from SiC and proportionate exposure to SiC.

A 10-line description is provided for each company, covering recent announcements for scaling up their MOSFET businesses, SiC businesses, backwards integration and margin targets.

Covered companies in the data-file include Wolfspeed, Infineon, onsemi, Rohm, STMicroelectronics, Coherent, and more.

To help compare the companies making power MOSFETs, we have also tabulated the technical parameters for 50 power MOSFETs in early-2024: maximum voltage, maximum current, on resistance, die size, power dissipation, and simple-implied loss rates. The data imply that SiC devices have 50% lower on-resistivity than Si devices, trench-type MOSFETs can have 3x higher power density with lower overall loss rates. SiC trench devices had some of the highest power ratings and lowest loss rates, yet only two companies in our screen appeared to make them! Details in the data-file.

Other backup tabs in the data-file include data aggregated from technical papers, into the relative efficiencies, costs, temperature performance and other technical data of SiC semiconductor, especially compared to traditional silicon.

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