LNG liquefaction technologies: an overview?

LNG liquefaction technologies

…Snohvit LNG started up in 2007, with the first e-drive system in the world, and what were at the time, the world’s largest high-voltage and high-speed synchronous motors, with 180MW…

Energy economics: an overview?

…the data-file, across our models of Air Separation, Cables, Comminution, Compressors, Electric Motors, Electrowinning, Fans, Flotation, Gas Dehydration, Harmonic Filters, Heat Exchangers, Inverters, Motor Drivers, Pumps, Rankine Engines, Tanks and…

Variable frequency drives: the economics?

Economics of variable frequency drives

This data-file aims to capture the economics of variable frequency drives, which precisely adjust the operating speeds of electric motors. We reviewed 10 case studies and found an average energy…

Global energy demand by end use?

Breakdown of global useful energy demand across 50 categories. The largest are electric motors and residential heat, followed by steel, general manufacturing, and plastics.

…below. The largest categories are electric motors (15%), passenger cars (13%), residential heat (10%), manufacturing processes (6%) and other electrical appliances (5%). Although note that this is also because these…

Vehicles: fuel economy and energy efficiency?

Vehicle fuel economy and energy efficiency

…smaller vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, motor-cycles and simply ‘walking’. $299.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Our numbers are built up for each category, in kWh-per-mile, miles-per-gallon, energy efficiency percentages and…

Polyester: production process?

…NGL during the fractionation of natural gas. There are three sources of upside for PET in the energy transition. Most interestingly, the electrification of vehicles will lower demand for motor

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