Energy storage: top conclusions into batteries?

Conclusions into batteries

…fluorinated polymers and battery-grade nickel; then graphite and copper. We are less worried about cobalt. Our best data-file into materials used in a lithium ion battery, and their costs, is…

How do commodities perform during recessions?

How do commodities perform in recessions?

…in recessions? Commodities assessed in the data-file include oil, natural gas, coal, corn, iron ore (precursor to steel), aluminium, copper, zinc, nickel, platinum, silver and gold. Recessions assessed in the…

Heap leaching: energy economics?

costs of heap leaching

This data-file captures the energy economics of leaching processes in the mining industry, especially the costs of heap leaching, for the extraction of copper, nickel, gold, silver, other precious metals,…

Froth flotation: the economics?

Costs of froth flotation

…to 10GTpa). This includes substantively all of the worlds metals, from copper, to lithium, to nickel, to graphite, to iron ore, to PGMs, to Rare Earths. It also includes over…

Recycling: a global overview of energy savings?

Global recycling energy savings

…Aurubis (TSE note here), while Boliden recycles copper and other metals, such as nickel (TSE note here). The glass industry comprises over 1,200 companies, across 2,160 sites, outputting over 200MTpa…

Cobalt: leading producers?

leading producers for cobalt

…production, where the Katangan copper belt which has unique, stratiform sediment-hosted Copper-Cobalt ores. The remainder is co-produced with nickel, in countries such as Australia, Canada, Cuba, Finland, Madagascar, Philippines, PNG,…

Energy transition: the top ten commodities?

…in this data-file include Lithium, Carbon Fiber, LNG, Cobalt, Copper, Aluminium, PV Silicon, Sulphuric Acid, Uranium, Oil, Glass Fiber, Steel, Nickel, Graphite, Silver, Fluorinated Polymers, Fluorspar, Silicon Carbide and STATCOMs….

Battery recycling: the economics?

battery recycling economics

This data-file models the economics of recycling spent lithium ion batteries, taking in waste cells at end-of-life, and recovering materials such as cobalt, nickel, manganese, copper, aluminium, lithium and steel….

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