LNG shipping: company screen?

LNG shipping companies

…expand and modernize future fleets. Please download the data-file for an overview of the LNG shipping companies and the fleets of gas carriers. Further details can be found in our…

Thermodynamics: Carnot, Rankine, Brayton & beyond?

Thermodynamic cycles

…what we think decision makers in the energy transition should know. The theory underpins the appeal of electrification, ultra-efficient gas turbines, CHPs, nuclear HTGRs and new super-critical CO2 power cycles….

Liquefied CO2 carriers: CO2 shipping costs?

costs of liquefied CO2 carriers

…Checkout Added to cart Could the LNG industry decarbonize by shipping LNG to gas consumers, then shipping the resultant CO2 away? We recently explored this concept in a detailed research…

Energy storage: top conclusions into batteries?

Conclusions into batteries

…all of our research. (1) Transportation: a revolution. Gasoline and diesel vehicles are 15-25% efficient, on a wagon to wheel basis, due to immutable laws of thermodynamics. Electric vehicles using…

Verbio: bio-energy technology review?

Verbio technology review

Verbio is a bio-energy company, founded in 2006, listed in Germany, producing bio-diesel, bioethanol, biogas and fertilizers. The company has stated “we want to be in a position to convert…

CO2 compression: stranger things?

CO2 compression

CO2 is a strange gas. This matters as energy transition will require over 120 GW of compressors for 6GTpa of CCUS. This 13-page notes explains CO2’s strange properties, which helps…

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