Coal-to-gas switching: what CO2 abatement cost?

Coal-to-gas switching

…of coal-to-gas switching will be. Whereas the less gas you build, and the more under-supplied gas markets are, then the higher the CO2 abatement cost of coal-to-gas switching will be….

Gas turbines: operating parameters?

Gas turbine operating parameters

…for gas turbines in the energy transition is published here. Leading companies in gas turbines are profiled here. Gas turbine operating parameters are compiled for a dozen gas turbine models…

Gas fractionation: NGL economics?

Gas fractionation

…energy. The costs of gas fractionation require a gas processing spread of $0.7/mcf for a 10% IRR off $2/mcf input gas, or in turn, an average NGL sales price of…

Phasing out gas: five hidden consequences?

consequences of phasing out gas

…(note and data-file below). (4) Bankrupted distributors? Once c75% of the customers have left a gas network, it will become very difficult for these gas distributors to remain…

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