Gas industry CO2 per barrel?

gas processing, LNG liquefaction, LNG tanker distances and pipeline distances. We estimate energy return on energy invested is c25-30x across piped gas resources and c15x across LNG resources, compared with…

Fast-charge the electric vehicles with gas?

is spared the strain of sudden demand surges. Is upside suggested for gas? Utilisation of the fast-charging infrastructure is much more important to the overall economics than the gas price….

The World’s Great Gas Fields and Their CO2

The CO2 content of gas fields is going to matter increasingly, for future gas development decisions: CO2 must be lowered to 50ppm before gas can be liquefied, adding cost. Moreover,…

Should the shale rigs switch to gas-fuel?

rig count to run on gas would only absorb c100mmcfd: not much of a dent in c1bcfd of flaring, as 2020 gas bottlenecks bite. This model shows all our workings….

US Shale Gas to Liquids?

project disclosures and our learnings from the patent history. Our base case IRR is 15%, taking in 1.6bcfd of shale gas. Resiliency is tested by varying oil and gas prices….

Maintenance costs for gas-powered trucks?

…was specifically attributed to running on CNG. Specifically, gas spark plugs must be replaced every 60,000 miles, niche maintenance operations are more expensive and in one instance, the truck engines…

Oxy-combustion: economics of zero-carbon gas?

Oxy-combustion is a next-generation power technology, burning fossil fuels in an inert atmosphere of CO2 and oxygen. It is easy to sequester CO2 from its exhaust gases, helping heat and…