Flare gas capture: the economics?

…the gas, cleaning the gas, and compressing the gas into a regional pipeline. Generally, double-digit returns are achievable at a large new shale pad, by capturing and commercialising associated gas

Gas-to-Power Project Economics

This data-file models the economics of constructing a new gas-to-power project, using simple or combined cycle gas turbines, based on technical papers and past projects around the industry. A dozen…

Gas industry CO2 per barrel?

gas processing, LNG liquefaction, LNG tanker distances and pipeline distances. Energy return on energy invested is c20x across piped gas resources and c10x across LNG resources, compared with c7-10x for…

Fast-charge the electric vehicles with gas?

…is spared the strain of sudden demand surges. Is upside suggested for gas? Utilisation of the fast-charging infrastructure is much more important to the overall economics than the gas price….

Methane emissions detract from natural gas?

This short model calculates the impact of methane emissions on the CO2/boe of burning natural gas, compared against coal. With methane emissions fully controlled, burning gas is c60% lower-CO2 than…

Leading Companies in Pipeline Gas Distribution?

…They are commercialising next-generation materials, leak monitoring and remote metering solutions. Larger and listed companies with recent innovations in gas distribution include Air Products, Kogas, Tokyo Gas, Shawcor and Ecolab….

Coal-to-gas switching: the economics?

…easily stress-test the relative impacts of different coal prices, gas prices, CO2 prices, capex costs and efficiency factors. CO2 prices accelerate coal-to-gas switching, under our base case, long-term pricing assumptions….

Methane Leaks from Downstream Gas Distribution

This data-file tabulates the methane emissions from downstream gas distribution across 160 US gas networks, which cover 1.1M miles of mains, 61M metered customers and >90% of the country’s retail…