Wood use: what CO2 credentials?

Wood use CO2 impacts

…five key conclusions. They count against deforestation, in favor of using waste wood, in favor of wood materials (with some debate around paper) and strongly in favor of natural gas….

Chlor-alkali process: the economics?

Chlor-Alkali Process Economics

…turn comprises 1.13 tons of NaOH, 1 ton of Cl2 and 0.03 tons of H2 gas. This generates a 10% IRR of a low cost growth project costing $600/Tpa. Costs…

24M: semi-solid battery breakthrough?

24M battery technology review

…electrodes are aimed at “dramatically reducing” costs of lithium ion batteries, with higher energy density, safety and reliability, for use in battery storage (to replace gas peakers) and in electric…

X Energy: nuclear fuel breakthrough?

X-Energy technology review

gas-cooled reactor (HTGR), commercializing 80MWe of electricity from c200MWth of heat. $449.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to cart Progress and economics. A $2.4bn advanced demonstration project is being progressed in Washington State,…

Solar volatility: tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies?

short-term volatility of solar

…the energy transition. But how can industrial processes truly be ‘powered by solar’? Buffering the volatility creates opportunities for gas and nuclear back-ups, inter-connectors, supercapacitors, smart energy and power electronics?…

Silver and gold: the economics?

Cost of silver and gold production

…production, looking across over a dozen different input parameters, such as capex, opex, electricity prices, gas prices, diesel prices, zinc prices, sodium cyanide prices, other reagent prices and tax take….

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