Fuel retail: economics of a petrol station?

Economics of fuel retail

…compares the economics of EV charging stations with conventional fuel retail stations. They are fundamentally different. Our main question is whether EV chargers will ultimately get over-built, as retailers look…

Battle of the batteries: EVs vs grid storage?

EVs versus grid scale storage shortage

…source’ for the EV. https://thundersaidenergy.com/downloads/co2-emissions-from-batteries-when-do-evs-break-even/ https://thundersaidenergy.com/downloads/vehicle-efficiency-electrifying/ https://thundersaidenergy.com/2022/02/03/electric-vehicles-chargers-of-the-light-brigade/ When we interrogate our models, the single best use we can find for a 65kWh lithium ion battery is to electrify a taxi…

Power grids: global investment?

global investment in power grids

…such as total global electricity growth, the acceleration of renewables, and the associated build-out of batteries, EV charging, long-distance inter-connectors and grid-connected capital equipment for synthetic inertia and reactive power…

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