Energy transition: the top ten controversies?

This 11-page note summarizes the ‘top ten’ controversies in the energy transition, based on 2,000 pages of our research to-date, and resultant discussions. Our outlook is increasingly despairing. And inflationary. Yet opportunities do exist to unlock value amidst bizarre and market-distorting policies.

Thunder Said Energy has now published over 2,000 pages of research, plus 400 data-files and models into the energy transition, since its inception in 2019. The purpose of this short note is to look back across all of our work, and ask…

What are the top ten controversies in the energy transition? In each case, we will outline what the controversy is; why it matters; and our own view. There is only one rule for this exercise. To limit ourselves to 1 page per controversy, in order to distill the key points.

The controversies make us fearful that well-intentioned policies may unfortunately be painting the world into a corner, as outlined on pages 2-4.

We hope our work can arm decision-makers with ideas: to preserve value, even create value, by anticipating market distortions. This includes ‘printing money’ by back-stopping volatile renewables, debottlenecking future commodity bottlenecks, improved technologies, and implementing nature based solutions that help the world avoid becoming a waste land (pages 5-11).

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